In Milwaukee, elected officials decide

Milwaukee’s Common Council voted 13-0 (with one abstention and one absent) this week to approve a $2.3 million settlement in the fatal police shooting of Dontre Hamilton in April 2014. Mayor Barrett is expected to approve. Contrast that with what happened in Madison when an insurance company unilaterally paid out $3.35 million in the shooting of Tony T. Robinson Jr. (Recounted here.)

State and federal prosecutors did not charge the Milwaukee officer with a crime but a federal judge ruled that the police officer violated Hamilton’s constitutional rights when he conducted a pat down after confronting him. The policeman was fired for violating department policy with the pat down.

Contrast that with the Madison case, where a federal judge exonerated the police department but held open the case against the individual officer for trial, which never occurred, thanks to the settlement. In addition, the Madison police officer remains on the force, having followed all procedures.


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2 Responses to In Milwaukee, elected officials decide

  1. Dan B. says:

    Two unarmed lives snuffed out by cops who felt going to the gun was their only option.


    • Marcus says:

      Obviously, as you were there right behind the cops, you are uniquely qualified to give such an astute opinion.


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