Identity politics isn’t the half of Democrats’ problem

Damn, I can’t help it. Perhaps I need more Covfefe, but I like Citizen Dave Cieslewicz. He’s up in today’s Isthmus (6-1-2017) declaring on the eve of the Democrats’ state convention this weekend in Middleton: Who cares who chairs that train wreck of a party? He makes these points:

  • The Hildabeast became the first Democrat to lose Wisconsin in 32 years.
  • Just when you thought Republicans had hit their ceiling in the state legislature, they pick up MORE seats.
  • National Republicans actually gave up on Ron Johnson and announced it! But RoJo still beat Feingold in the rematch.
  • No lawyer from the tort lobby could be found to run against state supreme court Justice Annette Ziegler? Not one?

The BlaskaPolicy Werkes says Re-elect Martha Laning as Dem party chair!!! But former Madison mayor Cieslewicz says It Just Doesn’t Matter.

For too many Wisconsinites the Democratic party stands for a collection of interest groups … On the 100th anniversary of John Kennedy’s birth, my party asks not what we can do for our country but what our country has done to use and how we must be compensated. Identity politics … is the very root of the problem. … What [the party] has now is a message that essentially blames straight, white guys for everything.

The white lab coats at the Policy Werkes have been saying that for several years now, obviously to no avail. (Perhaps, counter-productively.) The message from the burning core of the party, places like The Nation and The Capital Times, insist that identity politics is the sine non qua of liberalism.

Identity politics, Dave Cieslewicz, is not Democrats’ only problem. The party of my youth has more problems than Hillary Clinton has excuses.

Democrats have to give up their war on police. Hillary and Bernie debate in Milwaukee. They give a shout-out to Dontre Hamilton, black man killed by a white cop, but have nothing to say about the little girl shot to death sitting on her grandfather’s lap by gang bangers who invaded the wrong home. Or Rep. Chris Taylor, who has all kinds of ideas on how to hamstring the police while Madison turns into an open shooting gallery. Police aren’t killing the young black men of America. Other young black men are.

Quit defending the campus speech bullies. Terese Berceau and Gary Hebl deny that the University of Wisconsin, Madison and most of its other campuses, are hotbeds of Leftist indoctrination?!! Who really believes that? Calling names (Joe McCarthy! The gift that keeps on giving!) of a fellow legislator who cites chapter and verse of liberal hegemony at UW-Platteville, training ground for farm managers.

But the Democrat(ic) party is lined up against the Campus Free Speech Act. Just try telling the folks outstate that the UW isn’t territory occupied by Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists.

The bullyragging of conservative speakers, those few who are invited, didn’t arise from spontaneous generation. The germ was planted in the lecture halls and in the graduate seminars. And if you think the profs are leftwing, get a load of the ones who actually do the teaching. The UW-Madison Teaching Assistants Association is downright Communist. So is its Havens Center, which is the political arm of the sociology department.

A sensible man like former State Sen. Tim Cullen (and Tommy Thompson cabinet appointee) decided not to run for governor because he could not capture the beating heart of the party. Too reasonable to get the nomination.

That reminds me, Tommy Thompson actually won Dane and Milwaukee Counties. But we can’t have a center on the UW campus that reflects his values. But the Havens Center is just fine?

Quit trashing school choice. In Milwaukee alone, the families of 28,000 low-income, mostly minority children have freely chosen voucher schools. Blame voter I.D. for Hillary under-performing in Milwaukee if you like but don’t discount the effect of her animus toward school choice. Choice-Democrat Jason Fields was re-elected to a Milwaukee assembly seat last year after being defenestrated by the party. The public is beginning to understand the pernicious impact of the anti-reform teachers union.

Quit rigging the system. We now know that the national Democratic party had a finger on the scale to nominate an ethically mushy candidate who ran on gender identity, who scoffed at middle America (“Deplorables,” anyone?), who monetized the office of Secretary of State with $400,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs, who was under FBI investigation. But Wisconsin Dems are no slouches in that department, either. Just ask Ernie Wittwer, a longtime resident of Dale Schultz’s former senate district who got rolled in favor of a carpetbagging Democratic staffer in the 2014 election.

And Mary Burke! A top-down candidate fashioned in the la-BORE-atory by former chairman Mike Tate. None other need apply.

Who speaks for the party? Who gets quoted more often than any other Democrat? It was once the potty-mouthed Graeme Zielinski but is now, for all practical purposes, One Scot Ross. Not as vile but one mean piece of work.

Democrats have too many Kathy Griffins. Idiots to begin with but who make fools of everyone around them. Yes, I’m talking about all the pink pussy hats, the House of Reps sit-in, and heaps of trash at the North Dakota pipeline protest. What did the rest of Wisconsin and the nation see during the Act 10 intifada? Hippie Bongstocking, Thistle, Pink Dress Guy, and Segway Boy.

When did the Democrat(ic) party become a mental disorder?


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3 Responses to Identity politics isn’t the half of Democrats’ problem

  1. Marcus says:

    Sorry Squire but the dims won’t do any of what you’ve suggested. Why you ask? It makes far too much sense.


  2. coolkevs says:

    Don’t forget the heads exploding from the withdrawal of the Paris agreement – it’s only binding in their minds.


  3. Dave, not B says:

    We need to shut down the UW. It is no longer an institution of higher learning. Most who graduate from their need to be institutionalized for deprogramming. Joe McCarthy was correct. We are overrun by communists.


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