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An impertinent question: peer support for the Culver’s burglary victims?

Will the Focused Interruption Team be contacting the Chris Kneubuehl family in the wake of his death during an armed robbery at the Culver’s restaurant? Madison’s elected alders recently awarded $75,000 to address “racial disparities, violence, and division between communities.” … Continue reading

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The crime at Culver’s — this one is different

Few recent crime stories have been as compelling or infuriating as the early Tuesday morning burglary/homicide at the Culver’s restaurant off the Beltline, an eatery that thousands of Madisonians frequent, including this bloggeur. That, alone, brings it home to much … Continue reading

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John Nichols re-educates Winston Smith

“It is a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” — George Orwell  In Sunday’s newspaper, Comrade John Nichols invokes the holy names of Old Fighting Bob and Wild Bill Evjue by way of establishing that, once upon a time, The … Continue reading

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Want true diversity on campus? Protect speech AND hire conservatives!

How dare a campus group dare to go ahead and invite a speaker deemed insufficiently progressive, and then actually bring that person to campus? What to do if an objectionable speaker somehow sneaks through the cracks? The answer is obvious: … Continue reading

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Free speech for some but not all is no free speech at all!

Stately Blaska Manor is charging an admission fee: your subscription to the Wisconsin State Journal. For over 30 years now, visitors to the Dan Quayle Reading Room here at the Manor can peruse the Wisconsin State Journal alongside that other WSJ, … Continue reading

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If money won elections, Jeb would be president

We’ve been making this point for years. Here, Ann of Althouse (she could use the traffic) asks: What will become of the “money in politics” issue after Hillary outspent Trump and, now in Georgia’s Sixth, the Democrat outspent the Republican … Continue reading

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