Today’s Trump dump, live and in color

Go Pro TrumpWhy can’t Republicans suck it up and defend their man like Democrats lined up behind the Clintons after Monica Lewinski and Benghazi?

Could it be because we have a truer moral compass? Because we believe in good government? Besides which, how is blind partisanship working for Democrats these days?

David French at National Review is always worth reading. He writes in the current issue:

The [Democrat(ic)] party is at its lowest ebb in generations. It doesn’t hold any branch of the federal government, and it’s being routed at the state level at a historic rate. Its success in short-term scandal management has arguably blinded it to its own trust problem. It nominated one of the least-liked, least-trusted Americans in modern political history (a Clinton, no less) and then was gobsmacked not only when she lost but also when it suffered crushing defeats up and down the ballot. It turns out that there is a difference between short-term wins and long-term fortunes.

… A Republican party that mimics Democratic scandal management is a party that would forfeit its principles for the sake of adopting the tactics of the losing political side. And it would do so in a way that harms its credibility in the longer and far more important cultural fight. The moment when social-justice hysteria and radical intolerance are causing millions of citizens to shake their heads is not the time to adopt fact-free brawling and blind loyalty as the signature styles of the American conservative movement.

That said, this Never Trumper sees no impeachable offense. Did the President share useful information with the Russians regarding our common fight against ISIS? Good for him, it is his right and duty.

Did he ask if FBI Director Comey could go easy on General Flynn because he’s a good guy? Probably. Why wouldn’t he? That hardly represents obstruction of justice. Rachel Maddow need not approve.

Live streaming the presidency

What is disturbing is that Trump keeps throwing so much cheap chum at the flesh-eaters on the Left — principally by hanging his staff out to dry. Spicer confronts the microphone to offer one explanation, then gets the rug pulled out from under him by The Boss the next day. Reince Preibus is going to get fired, just you wait and see.

The markets, they do not like this chaos.

Scott Klug used to say he pitied his own communications director because he was his own communications director. So it is with the new President.

Daniel Henninger has this modest (not quite by Jonathan Swift standards) proposal: Let Trump be his own communications director and chief of staff. This ain’t no Eisenhower, the ultimate organization man.

For that matter, why not slim down the White House? We’ve got a secretary of defense and of state. What for a national security adviser? What does Steve Bannon that the Son-in-Law in Chief does not? Here is Henninger:

Donald Trump doesn’t like intermediaries. He abhors anything that gets between him and the public. The problem is not Sean Spicer’s performance as press secretary. The problem is positioning anything between Donald Trump’s mind and the outside world.

When Mr. Trump says he is moving too fast and doing too much for any of his staff to keep up, we should take him at his word. He wants direct access. … cut out the middlemen. …Donald Trump should serve as his own press secretary and maybe his own chief of staff. I would even propose that the Trump presidency go live to the world, with a camera crew recording the president and his moment-to-moment thoughts in real time every day.

Let’s go one step further. Put a Go-Cam on Trump’s comb-over; The Commander in Chief 24/7 streaming live. Get with the 21st Century, guys!


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13 Responses to Today’s Trump dump, live and in color

  1. MakeAmericaGreatAgain says:

    Spoken like a true Never Trumper – are you pining for Hillary?


  2. madisonexpat says:

    This puzzles me; this obsession of so many with our new president. They are stuck on a fascination/loathing of him that must be corrosive to them but they can’t shake it. Its been months folks.
    Who benefits from the Margaret Dumont imitators clutching their pearls and staggering from swooning couch to swooning couch? Honestly, is there money or power in this kabuki dance? (David, can we say circle jerk in your blogge?)
    Cui bono?

    91% of Washington DC voted against Trump. The media and congress gnash their teeth at him daily and both have near single digit approval ratings. He is the antichrist or a stupid bungler.

    Here’s what I see. The Chinese are muzzling the Norks, Putin, Assad and Iran know there is a red line and a big stick and (at last) a man who just might swing it. He’ll be well received in Saudi, Israel and NATO will listen at attention, Obamacare reform is in the senate, the Dakota Pipeline is pumping, We are setting up a growth economy, Gorsuch is in the Supremes and Hillary is still not president.
    Life is good and better if you live in a real world.


  3. Balboa says:

    Dave some awesome facts
    Since January 2011 – WI added 218,115 jobs
    Since Recall Election 2012 – WI added 191,575 jobs – WI economy was held hostage until the recall re-confirmed the people choice of Walker.
    Current WI unemployment in WI 3.2%
    Current MN unemployment in MN 3.8%
    Total Jobs Created in WI since January 2017 through April 48,023

    Oh but we are last in startups ok, have had a chance to review those stats and I have to ask ourselves has wisconsin ever been in the top ten for Startups? Has not hit 250,000 jobs figure yet but looks like well on his way to reaching that goal. Unless the Democrats, hold the national economy hostage like they did here with all the Trump Glen Beckesque conspiracy theories.

    I would say Wisconsin is finally headed in great direction and open for business. Unemployment is almost under 100,000 that is incredible.

    David Keep on Keeping On. Hope to run into you up at Lakeside Bar and Grill in lake wisconsin.



  4. madisonexpat says:


    You get it. Life is good. How’s Illinois?


  5. coolkevs says:
    As I said before, Trump has to be doing something right if the media hates him so much. As expat detailed, Trump has undone quite a bit of the Obama legacy already. No, he wasn’t my ideal pick, but the sky is much more clearer than if Hillary was there. It’s the Wisconsin recallarama environment carried out on a national scale with the Russians replacing John Doe. If Trump’s up to it, he could be Pres for 8 years, especially if he keeps showing results.


  6. AnonyBob says:

    Boy, you guys really know how to dig into a manure pile and expect to find a pony.


  7. madisonexpat says:

    Optimism based on reality ABob. Try one or both.


  8. Dan B. says:

    Hate to break it to you, but Republicans are lining up to defend Trump.

    Keep telling yourself that lying about dealings with the Russians is the same as lying about having an affair. This blog keeps rounding new bends.


  9. Dave, not B says:

    Still no evidence of collusion with the Russkies. Israel AND the Saudis love our president. Economy doing great. 0bama out of the country where he belongs. Hope he stays there. Hillary is hiding in the woods, and who knows where Bubba is. Probably on the island again.

    Boy, life in Wisconsin is great. Maybe I won’t become a snowbird.


  10. Madison Expat says:

    Maybe Trump’s Reaganesque budget can do for the country what Walker has done for Wisconsin.


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