Classified info must be shared with those who can help us or what good is it?

Fake news? It’s real. I mean, there really is such a thing as fake news.
So why not some fake commentary? And your Squire just the man for the job!

Acceding to the wishes of the indentured servants here at The Stately Manor, we fired up the old Philco Monday and endured an orgy of cable TV talking heads, panelists, and bloviators. Hey, if The Capital Times can claim that it is their opinion that various and sundry Koch Brothers have been silencing free speech on our college campuses than the proprietor of the Policy Werkes (express drive-thru windows are open) can conjure his.

fdr_stalinThe fake news of the day is that Donald Trump gave Alaska back to the Russians.

No? What? Oh, sorry. The fake news was that the President gave Natasha and Boris the Colonel’s secret recipe, along with a cereal box decoder ring.

Apparently something to do with how ISIS brought down a Russian plane over Chaldea. Not how we got the info or from whom but newsy bits that might help Russia beat back ISIS, which might also help the U.S. and the people of Chaldea.

That such information is and remains classified does not mean it cannot be shared, only that it cannot be shared indiscriminately. That Russia and the U.S. might have common interests was broached during the late election campaign. Donald Trump won. He is the President, despite your Squire’s efforts for Evan (Who?) McMullen.

He is the decider.

But CNN (once dubbed the Clinton News Network) is rousting every Obama operative for some high-level hyperventilation. Take a look at this line-up on the CNN website and know that the prolific use of the word “some” is here largely a synonym for Democrats when it’s not actually naming Democrats in the headline.

You know CNN has the long knives sharpened when it makes a news story out of a foul-mouthed late-night TV comedian’s pronouncement: “Colbert to Trump: Please resign.” Steven Col-BERTTT is not Walter Cronkite.

Did FDR share military intel with Stalin? Yes he did!

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7 Responses to Classified info must be shared with those who can help us or what good is it?

  1. coolkevs says:

    That Trump drives the media crazy must mean that he is doing something right.
    I would have had a heart attack by now.


  2. AnonyBob says:

    Dave, this is complete nonsense. FDR shared intel with Stalin during WW2? What has that got to do with anything? Yes, classified info can be shared, with friends and even not-so-much-friend allies when it’s in our best interest. When it’s done carefully, methodically, by intelligence professionals who have a clue about what’s going on. But by an insecure, boastful know-nothing in the Oval Office, to an active adversary? Who said know-nothing has a most curious and inexplicable affinity for? Bad, bad, bad idea. Can’t believe you’re defending it. Are you on Putin’s payroll, TOO?
    As to CNN rolling out the Dems for comment, your party’s leadership aren’t exactly being quotable Profiles in Courage right now, are they? They either poo-poo the chaos and scandal (McConnell) or hide (Ryan).
    I almost won’t even bother to point out the now tired trope that if a Democrat was enmeshed in even a fraction of the scandal your guy is, all your heads would be exploding. But instead we hear…pretty much nothing.


  3. AnonyBob says:

    Hey, where are all the AnonyBob-haters who usually pounce on every word I write? ‘Splat? Dave, not B? Blaska? Bueller?
    Kind of hard to defend the indefensible, eh? Time to move back to the more comfortable “Madison Cops vs. the Blacks and the Liberals” meme.


    • Patricko says:

      Bob, despite baldy’s endorsement, you flatter yourself when you think your post needs to be refuted rather than ignored. Hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    ABob whaddaya think about Truman telling Stalin we had the ABomb?
    Please spew not your spittle of hatred on me. I don’t hate you. What would be the point? Who would profit from that? Ever seen someone on a debate team throwing a punch? Me either but I would guess that meant the aggressor had lost the debate.
    I’m unclear as to what indefensible thing you want someone to defend.


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