Update on Chief Koval’s reimbursement

Ald. Marsha Rummel caved to the campaign waged by the Royko-Mauers, Brenda Konkel, Greg Gobbledygook, and Tony Robinson’s family to reconsider her vote to compensate Police Chief Mike Koval for defending himself against their frivolous claim. (It ain’t over till the leftist ladies sing.)

But, TOO LATE. Too bad, so sad.

Mike Koval has already cashed the city’s check for $21,953, which was issued after the Council narrowly approved payment at its May 2 meeting. You want that money back, Marsha Rummel, hire a lawyer. On your own dime.

There will be no reconsideration.


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3 Responses to Update on Chief Koval’s reimbursement

  1. Scott Freeman says:

    Oh but they will try…. What’s the over/under for the amount of time and dollars they will spend on this crap?


  2. Maggie says:

    This really makes me sick to my stomach! I don’t really blame Royko-Mauers, Brenda Konkel, Greg Gobbledygook, and Tony Robinson’s family because their whole life mission is to try to hurt Chief Koval and the Madison Police Department no matter what it takes. If they want to spend hours upon hours of their lives trying to bring someone else down for no reason, then it’s their time they are wasting and their hatred they have to answer for one day. However, the Common Council – specifically Ald. Marsha Rummel — makes this whole city look bad when they vote one way, send a check, and then say no, that they now want the money back because they aren’t sure they want to give it to him after all and want to re-vote. They had their chance to say no. They said yes. Now they need to move on and stop making this wonderful city look like a bunch of 5-year old children are making the decisions.


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