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In today’s headlines, after father of 5 is executed in front of at least one of the children ‘People are worried’ about violence in Madison, Michael Johnson says after murder Uh, ya think, Boys & Girls Club guy? But not the … Continue reading

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Assembly Democrats shut down conservative speaker

A State Assembly committee approved a bill to safeguard free speech on Wisconsin college campuses on an 8-6 vote. Yep, Democrats are fighting it. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Republican Rep. Travis Tranel, who represents UW-Platteville, told the committee … Continue reading

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Lodge a complaint against Chief Koval and you may be a winner!

Is there a bounty on filing police complaints? The communications director for the Policy Werkes spoke too soon and has been exiled to MSNBC. The Madison Common Council is not done hectoring the police after all. Not done at all. … Continue reading

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Hey ‘No Safe Spaces’ guys, pls come to UW-Madison!

Isn’t Memorial Day all about our fight for freedom, not blind conformity? Enjoy the day and remember those who sacrificed Visit their website.

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Beware of Republicans in the campus lecture hall

Your Squire is going all Bela Lugosi today. Be Vare! Be Vare of liberals disguised as moderates pretending to be fiscal conservatives. Such would be my worthy nemesis Chris Rickert, who stands, hands on hips, to cast editorial doubts on … Continue reading

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Diversity at the university is fine as long as it is not conservative

UW faculty and staff contribute to Democrats over Republicans by a 42 to 1 ratio but they’re not biased What a great idea! A think tank at the University of Wisconsin-Madison named for my mentor, Tommy G. Thompson, our longest-serving … Continue reading

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