Chief Koval is ‘strapped to the whipping post’

A liberal Democrat, a gay man living in the very heart of Madison’s liberal isthmus, makes a point that shames your Humble Squire for not thinking of it first.

If the Madison Common Council refuses to reimburse Police Chief Mike Koval the $22,000 he spent defending himself against frivolous charges, you can bet the cop haters will pile on with more.

So says (in effect) Greg Humphrey at his must-read stand, Caffeinated Politics. Of course that is their strategy!

“Unless this malarkey is shut down and the legal bills paid there will be other malcontents who can gin up more false reasons to attack the chief.”

Koval study city

art by the late, great Tim Donovan

Progressive Dane went advertising for someone to file a complaint and up turned the trippy Sharon Irwin and a companion. They alleged that they were traumatized when Chief Koval called Irwin “a raging lunatic” — “words,” Humphrey writes, “that I would have used too in the same circumstance.”

Those circumstances being Irwin stalking Koval down two flights of stairs leaving a Common Council meeting, shouting at him the whole time, demanding he comment on an active court case that he, as chief of police, was prohibited from addressing.

  • This horrendous assault on common decency (Snark Alert!) occurred on 6-7-2016. Drip … drip … drip.
  • Progressive Dane advertises for complaints against the chief. 6-30-2016.
  • Sharon Irwin steps forward to file complaint on 8-15-2016. Drip … drip … drip …
  • The Police and Fire Commission heard testimony on 11-16-2016. Drip … drip … drip …
  • It did not rule until 3-14-2017. It found that whatever occurred warranted none of the remedies available to it. (The decision here.) Drip … drip … drip …
  • The Common Council met on 4-18-2016 in fulfillment of its pledge to reimburse respondents who prevail at the PFC but asked for more time. Drip … drip … drip … The PFC on 4-25-2017 declined to do so (as city legal counsel Mike May predicted). Drip … drip … drip …
  • The chief’s reimbursement now likely will be scheduled for Tuesday, May 2. Drip … drip … drip …

Only 6 of the 20 alders need vote no to (in effect) fine the chief $22,000 for telling it like it is. Humphrey blogs: “The next Madison city council meeting promises to separate those who support our police department from those who hate cops. It really does come down to that fact. It is a sad place to be.”

Madison investigates the police

… Instead of investing in the police. Earlier this week, eight gun crimes were committed in the Emerald City within a five-hour period. (We recount them here.) Chief Koval performed his public duty by sounding the claxon:

“I have been attempting to sound the alarm of the progressively disturbing trends we are experiencing with guns, armed robberies, drug overdoses, and gangs for a long time.  This is a snapshot of our reality, Madison. Take a look at what occurred over the course of only 5-hours. And then note that year-to-date, we have 48 “shots fired” incidents and 64 robberies. We must be willing to take affirmative steps to properly prevent and investigate crimes against our community.”

His reward has been a beatdown from Madison’s liberal politicians. Mayor Paul Soglin has “drawn a line in the sand” — ordering Koval to shut up or his department’s budget gets it.


Ald. Hall

Here is Ald. Amanda Hall from the far east side District 3:


“I was surprised and disappointed to read Chief Koval’s blog this week. After a really tough night for the city, instead of doing his job and administering our Police Department, he was trying to score political points not only for his department’s budget but also for his current personal legal battle with regards to his professional conduct. … I was looking to him for leadership in the situation and unfortunately Madison received the opposite from him.”

No, Alder Hall. Koval and his troops are out there putting fingers in leaking dikes. They’re out there fighting crime. You and your colleagues (with the single exception of Ald. Paul Skidmore) are fighting the police.

  • Blaming the police when they defend themselves from attack.
  • Second-guessing police when they arrest resisting suspects.
  • Scapegoating the police for the racial disparity in criminal conduct.
  • Harassing police who have been investigated and cleared by independent agencies for doing their job.
  • Affirming racial arsonists by not countering their calumny of officers as trigger-happy racists.
  • Investigating the police via a $400,000 study conducted by Berkeley, CA

One of the most intrepid journalists in town, Vicki McKenna, invited Chief Koval to address this very public issue on her WIBA 1310 AM program at 4 this afternoon.

“Koval declined my invitation,” Miss Vicki told me. “He is worried the mayor and council are going to use his call for more resources as a way to deny him his legal fees. The guy is truly strapped to the whipping post. It is shameful.”

Squire Blaska will be his poor substitute on Vicki McKenna’s show
this afternoon from 4 to 5 p.m.


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1 Response to Chief Koval is ‘strapped to the whipping post’

  1. Like Neidermeyer: tells his new ROTC’s in the movie Animal House – “We now consecrate the bond of obedience. Assume the position!” But unlike Animal House, this movie does not end well.It’s gone on far too long already which has a caustic effect on a human being’s health. We have a city council who feel they are special and above the same rules the city holds every other city employee to.Like the rules they exempt themselves to, they exempt themselves from having the ability to have empathy for anyone, especially a police chief they hate! Smack! “Thank you sir. May I have another!” That’s right, bow before your master and don’t you dare speak out!

    Hind sight is 20/20. Knowing then what we know now, the chief should have had Irwin arrested for harassment of a police chief. He had the witnesses. But apparently he was trying to be polite and sensitive to the aggressor, trying as hard as possible to ignore her, giving a yelling Irwin space to express herself over and over and over again. Then when she followed him to the basement and cornered him self preservation. instinct or self defense must have kicked in for why he said a word some took offense to. Maybe he was trying to put some distance between them, saying anything to try and get her to leave him alone. I know I would have had said some choice words if it were me and not him! My words would dwarf his or anything heard in this Manor!

    The cop haters couldn’t be happier.But the chief is much more than a cop. He is a human being with a heart bigger than this entire city- and people who know this chief know that. He puts in long 16 plus hour days, I don’t know if he even gets a day off! He works tirelessly to bring community and police together, to build trust, to find solutions to problems. He cares a lot more about the citizens of Madison than the council – maybe that’s why they hate him! Some of our city leaders have blind hatred for him, threaten to take away his budget for asking for help and most never ever respond to their citizens when asked questions or act on the citizen’s behalf when voting for items in or not in budget. Who asked for the $400,000 study of our police? Who asked for the Public Market? I asked them to fix the emergency detention problem costing taxpayers $60,000 a year that endangers our safety! When I write my mayor, or city council, I only hear crickets, but be sure, the problem is the chief. Cop haters blame the police for everything.Let’s all assume the position and salute our failed leaders who thumb their noses at police and rules of conduct. Thank you sir! May I have another!


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