PFC tells Marsha Rummel to go pound sand

As predicted, the Madison Police and Fire Commission refuses to revisit or explain its ruling of March 14 that dismissed charges against Police Chief Mike Koval. The PFC’s response today states:

“In our view, any further comment or interpretation by the PFC would constitute a reopening of the quasi-judicial proceedings … and should not be undertaken at the request of a non-party …”

to the proceeding — which Council President Rummel and the Common Council are.

“the consolidated decision and order must speak for itself without further comment or interpretation by the PFC.”

City attorney Mike May had warned the council that this would be the PFC’s answer. Ald. Mark Clear predicted the same. That did not stop the Council from an overwhelming voice vote asking the PFC to clarify. Clearly, the council does not want to reimburse Chief Koval for his $22,000 out-of-pocket expenses in defending himself against the frivolous charges encouraged by Brenda Konkel, Progressive Dane, and the local Black Lives Matter affiliate and their supporters on the Common Council.

Today’s PFC response.

The original PFC Decision.

Cop-hater Rummel elected president of Common Council.


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3 Responses to PFC tells Marsha Rummel to go pound sand

  1. Patricko says:

    Love it. Rummel is a non party.


  2. balboa says:

    2011 Charlie Sheen , ” Winning, Duh” I am not afraid to say it that woman is bat Shiite crazy.


  3. Rummel is good at one thing, and one thing only. She knows how to waste everyone’s time! Good luck seeing anything important get done now with her leading the charge. Rummel the time waster at your service!


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