One day in Madison, WI: 8 gun crimes

“They could have shot my baby … Madison did not used to be like this
and it just keeps getting worse.”

04/24/2017 – 8:26 PM
5800 block Russett Rd.
A six-year-old girl was nearly hit by a random bullet as she sat inside her Russett Rd. apartment watching TV around 8:30 p.m. last night. The round came through a front bay window and was among several shots that were fired outside of the girl’s home. It does not appear her residence was the intended target as a witness saw a gunman firing at a moving car. The criminal had been in a parking lot where officers later recovered multiple shell casings. The 6-year-old was among several children inside the apartment that was hit. Her mother told responding officers: “They could have shot my baby … Madison did not used to be like this and it just keeps getting worse.”

04/24/2017 – 8:45 PM
4501 Verona Rd. (parking lot BP gas station)
A man with a head wound showed up at the MPD’s South District around 8:45 p.m. last night. The 27-year-old told officers he was shot at while pulling into a BP gas station, 4501 Verona Rd. There was a hole in his rear car window that could have been caused by a bullet. It was not clear if flying glass, a bullet fragment, or something else caused his cut. He was taken to a hospital for treatment. The victim told police a man in another car had shot at him. Detectives believe he was specifically targeted and that this was not a random act of violence.

04/24/2017 – 9:00 PM
1250 McKenna Blvd. (Elver Park)
A Madison teenager was taken to hospital by her mother Monday night after being shot twice in the legs with a BB gun at Elver Park, 1250 McKenna Blvd. The wounds bled and caused welts. The 15-year-old victim said she and a friend were hanging out, enjoying the park, when a group of boys began horsing around with BB guns. They were firing them close to the girls, and they decided it best to leave the area. As victim departed, she was hit. The teen told an officer she did not know the young men who had the BB guns.

04/24/2017 – 9:47 PM
500 block Northport Dr.
Several concerned people called 911 after hearing gunshots in the 500 block of Northport Dr. last night. Area residents heard four or five reports. Responding officers could not immediately find shell casings or other evidence. There were no reports of injuries.

04/24/2017 – 10:45 PM
Island Drive
A man returning to his Island Drive apartment last night was pistol whipped and robbed by two men that he encountered at the entryway to his building. The 27-year-old said one was armed with a handgun and that he struggled with this man. The victim was struck multiple times in the head and later transported by ambulance to a hospital. His keys and other personal items were taken by the robbers. A neighbor saw the men running from the scene and believes they got into a getaway car. The victim said his assailants were strangers, and that he had not seen them in the area before.

04/24/2017 – 11:47 PM
2900 block Turbot Dr.
There were residents sleeping inside two Turbot Drive apartment buildings last night when gun shots rang out. Four bullets hit one building. One bullet hit the other. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries. Multiple citizens called 911, and reported hearing eight to ten reports shortly before midnight. One frightened woman – who lives nearby – saw a man ran out from between two buildings just after shots were fired. He got into a dark colored SUV and sped off before police arrived.

04/24/2017 – 11:54 PM
3100 block Muir Field Rd.
Residents heard multiple gun shots, a revving car engine, and then the sounds of a car crash last night as bullets flew in the 3100 block of Muir Field Rd. Officers recovered many shell casings in an apartment complex parking lot, but there were no reports of injuries or property damage. An unoccupied car – with airbags deployed – was found smashed into a tree near the crime scene. Witnesses saw two people get out and run toward Sonora Court.

04/25/2017 – 1:10 AM
5371 Old Middleton Rd. (Oakcrest Tavern)
An employee, who was cleaning up at closing time this morning, was robbed at gunpoint after two masked men entered the Oakcrest Tavern, 5371 Old Middleton Rd. The intruders fled with cash from the till and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Madison city government has four committees and a $400,000 outside consultant studying — not crime but the POLICE!

UPDATED: Chief Koval reminds the Common Council:

“I have been attempting to sound the alarm of the progressively disturbing trends we are experiencing with guns, armed robberies, drug overdoses, and gangs for a long time.  This is a snapshot of our reality, Madison.  Take a look at what occurred over the course of only 5-hours.  And then note that year-to-date, we have 48 “shots fired” incidents and 64 robberies.  We must be willing to take affirmative steps to properly prevent and investigate crimes against our community. “


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8 Responses to One day in Madison, WI: 8 gun crimes

  1. Carmine says:

    …and liberals would disarm law abiding citizens if they could. They don’t get it. These are not law abiding citizens doing this. We have a right to defend ourselves, our family and our property. Enforce gun laws already on the books. Stiff prison sentences. …. and kill a few of the bastards while they are committing their crimes.


  2. Al V. says:

    The result of 5 decades of progressive rule. Soon Madison will be competing with their neighbors to the east and south east.


  3. All the while the Council stays their course with a terminal case of “Tunnel Vision”. Is it as simple as they are too lazy and just don’t want to work on fixing any other problems,(blame the police for your city ills!) or are they obsessed and too consumed with hatred for their police that they can no longer think straight? So much for logic and problem solving with this Council. As Rome burns the leaders squabble over the price of a goat vs. putting out the growing fire! Who voted for these goat herders anyway?


  4. Mark Lemberger says:

    Soglin says?


  5. AnonyBob says:

    Sure sounds like too many guns out there to me. How about some reasonable restrictions?


  6. Mark Lemberger says:

    Good thinking ABob. That’ll make the gang bangers behave.


  7. Eric Z says:

    Right on Bob! Make gun possession in a Mall illegal. That will stop Mall shootings. Oh, wait a minute, guns ARE already illegal to possess in malls. Hmmmmm….. Why are there mall shootings then? Whoopsy! Try again Bob.


  8. AnonyBob says:

    There are too many guns, boys, too many guns. I love how your answer is always…more guns!


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