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Chief Koval is ‘strapped to the whipping post’

A liberal Democrat, a gay man living in the very heart of Madison’s liberal isthmus, makes a point that shames your Humble Squire for not thinking of it first. If the Madison Common Council refuses to reimburse Police Chief Mike … Continue reading

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PFC tells Marsha Rummel to go pound sand

As predicted, the Madison Police and Fire Commission refuses to revisit or explain its ruling of March 14 that dismissed charges against Police Chief Mike Koval. The PFC’s response today states: “In our view, any further comment or interpretation by the … Continue reading

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One day in Madison, WI: 8 gun crimes

“They could have shot my baby … Madison did not used to be like this and it just keeps getting worse.” 04/24/2017 – 8:26 PM 5800 block Russett Rd. A six-year-old girl was nearly hit by a random bullet as … Continue reading

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Mayor Soglin, take on Mo Cheeks and defend Mike Koval!

The sophisticated, Putin-endorsed political detection system here at the Manor is picking up emanations that well meaning citizens would like to step in where the Madison Common Council won’t by starting a voluntary legal defense fund for Police Chief Mike Koval. We consulted … Continue reading

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Madison Common Council turns to cop-hater Marsha Rummel

What can you say about a city council that elects Marsha Rummel as its president? Good ol’ Marsha is a dues-paying member of Brenda Konkel’s Progressive Dane, a political party to the left of even the Dane County Democrats. Marsha … Continue reading

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A black Madison leader calls for personal responsibility

A man with the unforgettable name of Tutankhamun “Coach” Assad  wrote the most remarkable essay in the least likely publication, The Capital Times. Coach Assad is that rarity, a Madison man endowed with plentiful melanin who preaches the gospel of … Continue reading

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