A day without school

Kids! Such language!

About Madison’s “Day Without Women.” Kudos to The Capital Times for doing a little journalism. “It was more like a Day Without Girls,” it writes, for “the vast majority of the crowd was middle and high school students.”

Madison schools estimate over 1,000 kids left school to participate in the demonstration. But Madison Police estimates only 700 participants gathered outside the Capitol for the Wednesday noon rally.

You do the math.

Meanwhile, accounts from both newspapers quote adults claiming to be impressed with the social consciousness of our young people.

Any excuse to skip school, right?

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7 Responses to A day without school

  1. I live off of student loans says:

    “social consciousness”

    Is that what they call gimme dat?


  2. math is hard, let's go shopping says:

    A day without women…

    Offices throughout the country report improvement in productivity due to: reasoning occurs, less undermining of other female coworkers, fewer meetings, more work gets done.


  3. coolkevs says:

    I could see the salty language sign from where I stood at the Historical Museum while waiting for my daughter’s 2nd grade field trip – good look!


  4. Marcus says:

    “Cash Me Ousside / How Bow Dah”


  5. madisonexpat says:

    Teachers stay out, school closes, many Moms scramble for day care.


    • I'm on the internet says:

      Feminism, so called free markets, all price floors rose to match a dual income lifestyle (it was a trap by design), treating other people’s children like costs (yours is a special snowflake of course), debt servitude, single motherhood, monetarism, women had to work for someone else (rather than their family) so schools were turned into daycare (rather than centers of learning), “Me me me, I I I, me first,” Compulsory government school… What a mess. Thanks globalists, progressives, corporations, management, liberal government… Republicans, just dumb people in general. All they did was nod, told the plebs what they wanted to hear, talked about god, and then took their check to the bank.

      60s emancipation sounded appealing on paper, everything sounds appealing on paper, but It was a dumb idea from the very beginning. Oh yea, the proverbial shout out: “all da womenz slavs to da manz now!” and “It’s all republicans fault! SHAME!” Shut up, stop yapping, do something about it.


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