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The news media is as arrogant as ever

Did you know that The Capital Times and The Nation are mentioned in The Constitution of the United States? Specifically, in the First Amendment? Neither did I. Sorry for the trick question, but John Nichols thinks they are. In a … Continue reading

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That time Blaska kicked a reporter out of the Governor’s Office

While toiling for Gov. Tommy Thompson in the East Wing of the State Capitol, I thought it wise to inform his chief of staff of what had just occurred in the communications office. “I just kicked Matt Pommer out of … Continue reading

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The buck does not stop at Madison City Hall; it gets passed down the line

Well this is perfect. Get elected and avoid making tough decisions. The family of Tony Terrell Robinson is awarded $3.35 million AND gets to trash Officer Matt Kenny and the Madison Police Department to their heart’s content. They can do so … Continue reading

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They enforce the law in Dodge County

Remember that mini-riot at the gas station across from East Towne Mall at 3 o’clock Sunday morning this past week? Four people wounded, 20 shell casings found from at least three weapons, 50 people outside and another 20 inside the … Continue reading

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Filling the chair at the liberal hootenanny

Your Intrepid Squire was roundly booed Wednesday night. Hissed at and catcalled. He had whacked the wasp nest inhabited by Madison’s bien pensants by daring to challenge their liberal-progressive-socialist hegemony. Five hundred true Madisonians and other Second District dark blues had assembled at the … Continue reading

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Madison’s $3.35 million settlement is an outrage!

It is being reported that the City of Madison has settled with the mother of convicted felon Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. for $3.35 million of taxpayer money — blood money from Madison’s guilty white liberals, ashamed that a police officer defended … Continue reading

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