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Madison secedes from the Union

This just in from Mayor Paul Soglin 02-01-17 at 2:30 p.m.:   There is a proposal now, circulating among city council members to reaffirm and update our sanctuary city status and align it with present city administrative policies and procedures. I … Continue reading

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Democrats aren’t brain dead; it’s got to be the maps!

The chin scratchers at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are pacing the floor at night. They’re losing sleep over the parlous condition of a close friend and ally: the Democrat(ic) party. “When will Wisconsin Democrats wake up?” laments Milw J-S editorial … Continue reading

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‘Homeless’ schmomeless; Now they’re using children in their scam

Really? Are they really that gullible? I’m talking the majority of the Madison Common Council gnawing at their knuckles over the prospect of banning “the homeless” from busy street median strips. They’re not homeless. They’re scam artists guilt-tripping liberal white … Continue reading

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Saluting Col. Tim Donovan

I had worked with Lt. Col. Tim Donovan while writing speeches for Gov. Tommy Thompson in 1998. Thank God for Colonel Tim, I didn’t have to write TGT’s military speeches. Tim was the master. Tim Donovan was an excellent writer … Continue reading

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Madison’s anti-Trump militants are ‘Beyond marching’

Madison police, Dane County Sheriff’s Department, UW and Capitol Police — red alert. Be prepared to cancel leave at a moment’s notice. The Donald Trump resistance is going to get ugly. Madison’s radical left is “Moving beyond marching,” according to … Continue reading

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No work, no eat

It is good to see Tommy Thompson on stage again, as he was Monday with Gov. Walker to roll out a new welfare reform. The two governors propose that food stamp recipients must work at least 80 hours a month. … Continue reading

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