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‘The problem of whiteness’

Have we said that identity politics is poisoning America? That is blames police for defending themselves against injury? That it faults police for detaining lawbreakers? It starts in our schools. Ground Zero are elite universities like the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which … Continue reading

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The Left petitions UW-Madison to end free speech on campus

Students at Wisconsin’s flagship campus are petitioning university officials to curb free speech on campus. The Student Coalition for Progress wants the University of Wisconsin-Madison to formally denounce a student organization, Young Americans for Freedom, for inviting as a guest speaker Ben … Continue reading

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Want to serve in local government? State your race, creed, and sexual I.D.

The late great (how I find myself using this term more and more!) John Patrick Hunter was the eminence grise of the old Capital Times when your Humble Blogguer was pecking at its keyboards. The afternoon daily (as it was then) hired … Continue reading

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